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My Dashboard

Your touchstone for quitting, the dashboard guides you through your plan and milestones, with easy access to all of our services. Sign up for e-mail and text message support, and request a call-back from a quit coach to get started with phone support. View your quit plan progress at a glance, and see your benefits of quitting.

My Quit Plan

The Quit Plan uses our proven One Step at a Time methodology to tailor effective strategies to your own life.

  • Preparing to Quit

    Making the decision to quit smoking is an important step in your path to better health. And like any major life change, it takes a plan of action. We can help with that.

  • Ready to quit

    Whether you’ve taken the steps to prepare or you just know you’re ready to quit, then it’s time for one giant leap forward. Your quit day is a big deal, and there is a long road ahead of you. Learn more about what’s to come – good and bad.

  • Stay smoke-free

    No matter what your reasons are for quitting, you may still want to smoke. Stay smoke-free by learning how to change your reaction to stressful situations and manage other situations you’re placed in. If you do slip or start smoking again, remember that persistence is key, and so is timing. And when you start logging your milestones, remember to reward yourself for your hard work.

Community Forums

Quitting is easier when you're not doing it alone. We're here for that question you're not sure who to ask, to celebrate that first smoke-free week, or just for support and motivation. We've been there before as quitters, as quit coaches and as successful former smokers. Join us.

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