Each month of The First Week Challenge Contest we will be awarding two $500 prizes!

And the winners are...

The Canadian Cancer Society is proud to announce the winners of the First Week Challenge Contest in association with NICODERM® and NICORETTE®!

  • 2024 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    January 2024: Sarah Flowers, ON; Ginette Lapierre, BC

  • 2023 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    December 2023: Adam Harrison, ON; Jasmine Charpentier, BC

    November 2023: Jerry Jackson, ON; Sylvia Patrick, BC

    October 2023: Tanner Szewczyk, MB

    September 2023: Sifat Niloy, ON; Sheena Antoine, BC

    August 2023 : Antonio Fiorillo , ON; Cecelia Downey, BC

  • 2021 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    January 2021: Vitali Tchoumak, Aurora, ON

    February 2021:  Castro Jaradat, Toronto, ON

    March 2021:  Adam Bewley, Woodstock, ON

    April 2021:  Soheil Haji Zadeh, Toronto, ON

    May 2021:  Niqolai Gryphon, Kingston, ON

    June 2021:  Jennifer Cockburn, Oshawa, ON

    July 2021:  Heather Moar, Clandeboye, MB

    August 2021:  Natasha Petersen, Waterloo, ON

    September 2021:  Nicole Atkinson, Toronto, ON

    October 2021:  Ayla Tytkanych, Chatham, ON

    November 2021:  Lazaro Rene Cruz de Los Reyes, Essa, ON

    December 2021:  Sharla Porth, Treherne, MB

    January 2022: Samantha Newstart, Sudbury, ON

  • 2020 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    January 2020: Sara Ropp, Listowel, ON

    February 2020:  Cathy Lonergan, Stratford, ON

    March 2020:  Damien Blaine, Charlottetown, PEI

    April 2020:  Kristen Eden, St. Catharines, ON

    May 2020:  Kelly Williams, Alberton, PEI

    June 2020:  Shannon Shearing, Thorold, ON

    July 2020: Christine Bending, Cambridge, ON

    August 2020: Kathy MacNeil, Cambridge, ON

    September 2020: Andrea Koch, Regina, SK

    October 2020: Laura Beardy, Thompson, MB

    November 2020:  Kayla Hunt, Port McNicoll, ON

    December 2020:  Lesley Fuller, Toronto, ON

  • 2019 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    February 2019: Ashley Levinson, St. Thomas, ON

    March 2019: Stella Frechette, Upper Golden Grove, NB

    April 2019: Madison Cachagee, Kitchener, ON

    May 2019: Charlena Thies, Brandon, MB

    June 2019: Laureen Lowden, St. Catharines, ON

    August 2019:  Nichole Parisian, Winnipeg, MB

    October 2019:  Daniel Rowley, Waterloo, ON

    November 2019:  Vipulkumar Patel, Whitehorse, YT

    December 2019:  Susan Botsis, Regina, SK

  • 2018 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    February 2018: Crystal Pitawanakwat, Wikwemikong, ON and Mark Roorda, Niagara Falls, ON

    March 2018: Anonymous, Martensville, SK and Kayli Pavelko, Saskatoon, SK

    April 2018: Rhoda Belanger, Île-à-la-Crosse, SK and Jennifer Barton, Barrie, ON

    May 2018: Sherry Derstine, Niagara Falls, ON and Grant Leiman, Winnipeg, MB

    June 2018: Pearl, Oshawa, ON and Allen, Toronto, ON

    July 2018: Kimberly Gaudette, Hamilton, ON and Debbie Harper, Moose Jaw, SK

    August 2018: Elaine Day-Williams, Peterborough, ON and Lisa Filby, Winnipeg, MB

    September 2018: Sheila Monaghan, Thunder Bay, ON and Sarah Payne, Peterborough, ON

    October 2018: Ryan Thurmeier, Regina, SK and Amanda Rose, Ajax, ON

    November 2018: David Ouellette, Sudbury, ON and Tanya Talbot, Douglas, NB

    December 2018: Len Rostotski, Regina, SK and Angela Lee, Hamilton, ON

    January 2019: Deborah Duguay, Sarnia, ON and Gail Barnes, Niagara Falls, ON

  • 2017 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    February 2017: Jim Cunningham, Toronto, ON and Katrina Beaudin, M'Chigeeng, ON

    March 2017: Brandy Ukena, Woodlands, MB and Fred Layton, Whitby, ON

    April 2017: Erin Duffenais, Kingston, ON and Martin Prevost, Morrisburg ON

    May 2017: Dean Charland of Dundas, ON and Terry Kirkbride of London, ON

    June 2017: Shirley Jackson from Etobicoke, ON and Dave Abercrombie from Ottawa, ON

    July 2017: Ron Van Tassell, North Bay, ON and Marianne Brown, Winnipeg, MB

    August 2017: Samantha Scott, Kitchener ON and Paul Burdon, Newmarket ON

    September 2017: Laura Moneo, Assiniboia, SK and Jackie Dayman, Assiniboia, SK

    October 2017: Joanna St. Onge, Harriston, ON and James Lahey, North Bay, ON

    November 2017: Cindy Lawson, Saskatoon, SK and Jordan Malo, Ottawa, ON

    December 2017: Vivian Serson, Gananoque, ON and Josee Wheatley, London, ON

    January 2018: Joy Chisholme, Winnipeg, MB and Taylor Kuhni, London, ON

  • 2016 Winners

    Congratulations to:

    February 2016: Belcem Terhal, North York ON

    March 2016: Julia Creglia, Toronto ON

    April 2016: Kyle Flaxey, Haileybury ON

    May 2016: Georgina Burns, Toronto ON

    June 2016: Kathy Sherman, Whitby ON

    July 2016: Joshua Rieberg, Cambridge ON

    August 2016: Lisa Thompson, Sault Ste. Marie ON

    September 2016: Pat Liscomb, Geraldton ON

    October 2016: Terry Howe, Puslinch ON

    November 2016: Sonia Scott, Thunder Bay

    December 2016: Moira Coffey, Breslau

    January 2017: Vince Cheng, Toronto

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